School Health

We offer the following services
to schools

We have been offering health services to
schools since 2017 with the main aim of
securing the well-being of children across
Pakistan. These services cover all aspects of
a child’s health including physical, mental and
social health.

Health Screening

Screening of students is a general physical examination which is done by a qualified doctor
on school campus. The screening process involves a thorough assessment head-to-toe and
can identify up to ten preventable ailments in children.The parameters assessed by Five Health are:
1)Physical Parameters such as weight. Height and Body Mass index
2)Vision testing 
3)ENT screening
4)General parameters
5)Special parameters such as respiratory, cardiac examinationThe reports of the screening are generated digitally via the Five Health Screening App and
then sent to the respective schools and parents after the assessment.

Infirmary Services

To ensure that schools are empowered with abilities to manage both day-to-day medical
issues and emergencies in schools, our services also extend to setting-up of infirmaries at
the school premises. The infirmary is equipped with a healthcare professional (Nurse and/or
Doctor) during school hours and the facility is managed independently by Five Health.The healthcare professionals at our centers are trained weekly for updates on latest
guidelines and current medical practices especially pertaining to school health.

Health Education and Faculty First Aid Training

In addition to providing medical care in infirmaries, our school health professionals also do
health information awareness for students, parents and teachers.Schools can opt for specialized First Aid and Bystander CPR training by American Heart
Certified Trainer for faculty as an add-on.