Our Team

Our Team

Naseeruddin Mahmood



Naseer is a pediatrician and a trustee of ChildLife Foundation and Sina Clinics- each organization serves over 1 million children a year. Naseer co-founded Five Health to culminate his interest in pediatrics and the well-being of masses by devising a program that would help tackle healthcare issues in Pakistan at a grassroots level in a sustainable manner.

Mohsin Ali Mustafa


(Oxford University),
Visiting Scientist Harvard
School of Public Health

Mohsin is a healthcare entrepreneur who is innovating and
implementing primary care solutions in Pakistan. He spent years with
Aman Foundation before co-founding Five Health to provide quality care
to the children of Pakistan. He combines his passion for public health
with a market-based approach to solve the challenges of public health
using a triple bottom line approach (People, Planet and Profit).

Selina Hasan


MBBS (DUHS), Master’s
in Health Professions
Education (Maastricht
University), Gratitude
Fellow 2020

Selina is a physician who believes that the solution for many healthcare
challenges lies in better prevention. She has been part of Five Health
from its inception setting up the School Health Services. Through her
work, she wants to improve preventive medicine and empower the
people by raising public health awareness.

Talaiha Chughtai

Partnerships Lead

MBBS (Ziauddin Medical
University), DCH, Dip
Pediatric Nutrition

Talaiha is a Pediatrician with a special interest in Public Health and
Policy. She is passionate about improving the lives of children in Pakistan
via primary care. As the lead for Partnerships, she engages schools &
other stakeholders. She aspires to make healthcare accessible to all
children in Pakistan through her work.

Khurram Latif

Operations Lead

MBA in Hospital and
Healthcare Management

Khurram is a certified American Heart Association Clinical Trainer with
added education in emergency response, disaster management and
mental health. With years of experience in pediatric and adult care with
Aman Foundation, he is the lead trainer of the Program and manages
the Operations. Khurram envisages his work to equip maximum people
with the right tools for preventative medicine- through capacity
building- thereby increasing the access to healthcare for all.

Dr. Natasha Moon

Clinical Supervisor


Natasha is a clinician with special interest in
pediatrics. She joined Five Health as a school
physician and currently supervises the school
nurse training curriculum. She likes exploring how
technology can be integrated with healthcare for
more efficient service delivery.