Our Mission

Secure the health and well-being of 500,000 children by 2022.

Medical Infirmaries

Each school infirmary has a Nurse trained to respond to medical needs of students

Health Screening

Annual Health Screenings of students are conducted by a qualified doctor

Health Education

The School Health Professional actively imparts health education on relevant topics to students

Faculty First Aid Training

First Aid and Safety Training done for school faculty by American Heart Certified Trainers

Our Story

The conception of Five Health was initiated by two doctors who had a combined passion to work on primary care for pediatric health in Pakistan.
Instead of just treating disease which does not address the root cause of the issue, the idea was to take health-care to school going children; who spend at least one third of their waking hour in schools.
Schools do not only contribute to a child’s academic growth but also their overall development and well-being. To synergize education and health services delivery it is important to prioritize health integration within our education system.

Our Partners

Our Footprint

Children screened for diseases.
Children empowered through Health Education.

Children given access to medical care.

Teachers enabled through First Aid, CPR and Mental Health trainings.

“It was as pleasure for the Ilmesters academy to be affiliated with five health. After attending their session on how to maintain the SOP’s, it gave us tremendous insight on creating a safe and healthy environment for the children to attend the school.”
Ms. Fauzia Parekh, Ilmesters academy.